BetRivers Sportsbook is a great online sports betting platform that offers the best odds on all major sporting events and leagues worldwide. The site also has an excellent selection of live in-play markets, which means you can bet as soon as the action starts without having to wait for results or settle up your bets at the end of the game. This makes BetRivers Sportsbook one of the most convenient places for wagers when it comes to sports betting.

The website is easy to navigate and provides plenty of information about each market, including how much they payout, whether there are any bonus features available, and what their payout percentage is like. There’s even a handy tool called ‘My Bets’ where you can see exactly how many points you stand to gain from every single bet placed on the site! If you want to know more about this bookmaker before placing a bet, check our review section below.

History of BetRivers Sportsbook

Retrievers online sportsbook was launched in 2019 as a new betting site, but it has been around for over 10 years and is one of the oldest sportsbooks on the internet. The company’s roots began with Neil Bluhm, Greg Carlin, and Richard Schwartz, who wanted to offer their clients an easy way to bet on sporting events from all over the world.

The sportsbook is under the umbrella of Rush Street Gaming and operates through Rush Street Interactive, which offers other betting opportunities for wagers. They have since expanded into offering casino games and poker rooms that are available 24/7, so there is always something going on at BetRivers.

Bonuses & Promos at BetRivers Sportsbook

The bonuses and promos at BetRivers are exciting, and something that wagers will love to see on their betting slip! The sportsbooks offer various promotions, including free bets, cashback offers, deposit match bonuses, reloads, and more.

They also have great odds for the big games like college football and basketball and pro leagues such as MLB baseball, NBA basketball, NFL football, NHL hockey, NASCAR racing, UFC fighting and tennis.
Others are golf, boxing, MMA, soccer, cricket, rugby union, volleyball, cycling, auto racing and much more. You can bet online with them 24/7 from any device you choose using your mobile phone or computer.

First and foremost, new users have a welcoming bonus that is 100% up to a $250 matchup. What does this mean? It means if you place an initial bet of $10 on one of our matchups, then we’ll give you a total payout of $25. That’s right – 25 dollars in FREE MONEY!

This is how it works: If you make a first-time deposit of $100 into your account, you get a 100% matching bonus up to $200. So if you deposited $100, you would end up getting another $100 added to your balance. You might take advantage of this promotion to get started.

Even though this bonus is impressive, you have to wait for 2-3 days for it to reflect in your account. After that period has elapsed, you’ll receive a welcome email letting you know about the bonus.

However, there isn’t anything special about the terms and conditions associated with these bonuses. In other words, they’re just standard bonuses offered by most bookmakers.

Generally, players have 30 days to claim this offer before it elapses.

Other promotions offered by BetRivers Sportsbook

Apart from the welcome bonus, the site offers extras for wagers. These include

Daily Boosted odds: Daily boosted odds on NFL games can give you an edge over other players who don’t know about this promotion. The promotion offers higher and better odds than normal bets. This means that if your bet wins, you will get more money back than what would normally be paid out.

Sport-Specific Contests and Bonuses: These are primarily on big games such as football matches or horse races. You may find yourself competing with thousands of others around the world for a chance at winning prizes ranging anywhere from $1 million to hundreds of millions of dollars. Therefore, be on the lookout for the rifles.

iRush Rewards Program- This mother company has amazing rewards for loyal wagers. The rewards program lets you collect tier points when you make deposits and place bets. When you reach certain levels, you earn bonuses which range from free cash to free spins and even trips. iRush is another great way to increase your bankroll without having to spend any real money!

Where is Sportsbook Offered?

Not all states are allowed to offer online sports betting, but the majority of them do. The state of Nevada was one of the first to allow it, and they have been doing so for a long time now. They also happen to be home to some of the biggest names in gambling like William Hill, Bovada, DraftKings, etc.

BetRivers is available in the following states

West Virginia

All these states have their unique quirks that make each place different from another for sports wagering. Some places will only accept bets on certain types of games, while others won’t let you bet at all.

This can be frustrating if you want to take advantage of an event or game happening during your favorite sports season. Also, you’ll notice that each sportsbook in a specific state comes with unique bonuses. Log in to find out the promotions available in the specific state.

How to Access Sportsbook

Accessing this site is simple; just click on this link, and you will be taken directly to the sports betting review page, where we have all of the information you need for you to make an informed decision when it comes time to place your bet.

Luckily, there are several ways through which you can access the site for betting.

Website betting is one way to access the sportsbook site and access the markets available at any given moment. This method allows you to view live odds as they change throughout the day or week. You also have time to see what types of bets are being placed by other community members. The website has many features, including a live streaming video with an audio commentary from top handicappers and analysts who explain how the games should play out.

There is also the App option to use your smartphone or tablet device to access the site. It works very similarly to accessing the site using your computer, except now you don’t need to open up another browser window to do so.

Instead, simply download the app onto your phone and log in to the account you created while setting up the application. The app is on Playstore or Google play for easy location. The app version is more interactive than the web-based version.

The mobile apps allow users to check line movement, watch game action unfold right before their eyes, and even take advantage of special promotions offered only via the app.

Another prominent feature of the app is its ability to offer real money wagering without depositing funds first.

Steps to Sign in at

Click on the “Register” button and fill out your information, including your full legal name, address, valid email address, date of birth, and gender.
Choose your password for easy access.
You will be sent an activation code via email within 24 hours of registering.
Once logged into our site, click on the ‘Sports’ tab. 3) Select ‘Live In-Play’ from the drop-down menu for live betting or select one pre-selected sport.
Enter the amount you wish to bet per game and press the ‘Place Bets’ button.

Wager Types and Odds at

BetRivers Sportsbook bet types include:

Straight Up
Spread O/U,
Total Points,
Over Under,
Money Line

The sports betting odds are displayed in various ways, including pointspread, Moneyline, totals, over-under, straight up, or parlay lines. You can also view the current point spread for any game you choose to wager on from our online bookmaker page.

Besides, there are odds, including live bets, prop bets, futures, college football picks, basketball predictions, baseball predictions, hockey predictions, and much more. Also, there is an extensive list of all NCAAF games with their respective matchups, scores, stats, recaps, and links to watch them live online.

The odds are either listed as “Odds” or “Line.” For example, 1-5 means that if you bet $100 on this team, they will win by 5 points or fewer. If you bet $500, then your total payout would be $250.

Sports to Bet On

Like other leading sportsbooks, BetRivers Sportsbook has a wide market for betting on the NFL, NBA, and NHL plus college football and basketball. The site offers live in-play betting and an array of online casino games, including slots, blackjack, and video poker. A welcome bonus is available when you register at

Note that each market has its own set of rules about wagering requirements, so check with your bookie before placing any bets. Also, note that some markets have restrictions regarding how much can be bet per day or week, depending on where you are located.

For example, Some rules may point out that US residents only place $100 worth of action per 24 hour period while Canadians may not exceed $250.


Banking methods may vary by state, but sportsbook offers the following deposit and withdrawal options:

Credit card
Check/money order
Wire transfer
Cashier’s check
Prepaid debit cards
E-wallet services like Neteller and Skrill
A variety of other banking methods

Deposits are typically processed within 24 hours, while withdrawals can take up to five business days, depending on your bank.

Before you make that deposit, ensure you read the regulations regarding deports in your state. Even more, get information from your banking institution about how they process deposits.

Some states have specific rules for depositing money with online gambling sites, such as New Jersey, where players must be at least 21 years old or older. You should also know whether there is any tax associated with making an internet wager.

It will not matter if you use a credit card in some cases because there is no chargeback fee involved.

Customer Service

BetRivers Sportsbook has several ways through which they handle customers’ concerns. First, there is in-chat, then email, and finally, by phone. They will answer your questions as soon as possible and usually within a few hours of contacting them. Feel free to click on the support section on the betting site if you have concerns about deposits, bonuses, withdrawals, and many more. You’ll receive dedicated support.


Fast and easy to deposit money into your account using a credit card or debit card.

The site is very user-friendly, with clear instructions on how to place bets.

There are many promotions offered by BetRivers, including free spins and bonus cash.


Betting App is available for Android only
Lags when streaming

Summary of Sportsbook

In summary, the sports betting site is a good place to bet on all types of sporting events and activities such as football, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, tennis, etc. The website also offers an excellent range of casino games, including blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, video poker, keno, slots, and more.

There are some great promotions available, too, with weekly bonuses for new players. Now that most states are legalizing betting, this sportsbook has become one of the best in the business and a better way for US wagers to get their bets placed. Sportsbook FAQ’s

Is BetRivers legit?

BetRivers Sportsbook is legit because they are licensed by the Nevada Gaming Control Board and operating since 2013. They offer a wide variety of betting options, including NFL football wagering on all games in addition to college sports betting.

Does BetRivers pay real money?

Yes, BetRivers pays out winnings via check or PayPal within 24 hours after each game ends. There’s no minimum bet amount required for depositing funds into your account. Your many may take more days processing.

How do I get free bets at BetRivers?

You must wager for a whole week before you can receive any bonuses. You will be notified when this requirement has been met. Once that happens, there will be an email sent with instructions regarding how to claim your bonus.

Is there a tutorial on how to bet?

BetRivers has exclusive tips and betting tools available only through their website. You can read and bet with ease.

What types of odds do BetRivers provide?

Most of the odds offered by BetRivers are parlays. The other odds include straight-up picks, totals, and point spreads.