Kansas Sports Betting Likely to Begin After Start of the NFL Season

Kansas Sports Betting

It’s looking like Kansas sports betting probably won’t be happening anytime soon. Bettors and some legislators were hoping for the activity to be ready in time for the beginning of the NFL season, but according to a recent statement put out, we can’t expect any type of sports betting to be available throughout the state in the near future.

According to the Director of Wagering of the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission, the entire state, including those involved with legalization, are unsure about when Kansas sports betting will begin. He has recently stated:

“​​There are many things in the air right now…Our agency doesn’t have a go-live date that we’re trying to hit, at least not as of now…We have to make sure all these processes are in place before we are up and running.”

There is the possibility that retail wagering and mobile wagering will be ready to go at the same time, though. This will improve the accessibility of sports betting throughout the state tremendously, as those who want to put their money on the line can do so by going out to a casino with friends, or by simply logging on to a website.

Even if Kansas sports betting isn’t quite ready to go by the beginning of the NFL season, there is still the possibility that the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission will be able to get the ball rolling throughout the season. This would allow for Kansas sports betting to be ready for some of the biggest games of the season, at least.

Brief History of Kansas Sports Betting

Kansas sports betting was legalized fairly recently. In May of this year, the governor of Kansas, Laura Kelly, signed off on Senate Bill 84. This officially legalized sports betting throughout the state, and Kansans have been waiting for sports betting to actually get started ever since.

Although the Kansas sports betting process may feel as if it’s taking forever for many throughout the state, this is a pretty normal amount of time to wait for sports betting to actually begin after being legalized. On average, most states take anywhere from half a year to a full year to begin their operations after sports betting is legalized. Some states have been lucky enough to do so in four months.

We can expect to find out more about Kansas sports betting once the Kansas Racing and Gaming Commission meets to discuss sports betting regulations on August 12. This meeting was supposed to occur on July 22, but ended up being postponed. Hopefully, this meeting will set up a timeline and other guidelines for Kansas sports betting more clearly.

After this meeting has occurred and regulations are put in place, applications will need to be submitted by operators and approved by the commission. This will officially give approved operators the ability to offer sports betting on the start date put out by the commission.

This means that there are only a few final steps to get through before Kansas sports betting is up and running.


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