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Erik “Lil’ Rik” Neff – Co-Creator/Head of Content/Lead Guru

The head of content and co-creator of is Erik Neff, who began his journey as a writer just a few short years ago. Erik was born in 1986 and raised in the middle of cornfields in Midwestern Illinois, the heart of the Midwest. He hails from a small town called White Hall, well south of the Cardinals/Cubs line in Illinois, right in the heart of Cardinals country. A die-hard Cardinals fan from a young age, which was passed from his parents and grandparents, Erik has lived between 20 and 60 minutes from Busch Stadium his entire life.

Erik found his passion in sports journalism and has independently been writing and blogging about sports for about 3 years. Of course, in the years between he pursued a full-time career in telecom as a Construction Manager in the cellular technology industry. Erik has built cell tower sites for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular.

For many years in his spare time, Erik pursued part-time careers in a cover band that plays shows regularly, and as a semi-professional poker player, both online, and as a frequent player at Hollywood Casino and Lumiere Place in St. Louis, mostly from 2007-2010. Of course, his primary side hustle has been sports and sports betting. He also writes content for Knup Sports, a partner of Midwest Betting. Erik is an avid fantasy sports player, and frequent bettor on NCAA basketball, and NFL football.

Ryan “Big Bet$” Burks

Ryan has been writing sports betting content and industry news pieces for more than 3 years. He stays on top of all of the latest industry news as well as providing sports betting strategy articles and opinion pieces. Ryan is a former college basketball player and someone that continues to participate in sports to this day. He is a die-hard fan of the Chicago Cubs and Chicago Blackhawks and also roots for the Fighting Illini. Ryan currently resides in Illinois with his wife and two young kids.

Timothy “Big Money” Gavin

The man they call Big Money, Timothy Gavin, is 35 years old and was born and raised in the northern tip of Minnesota. He’s from a town of only 1,700, but it may be the most famous town of 1,700 in the nation. Warroad, MN was known as the original, “Hockeytown, USA.” Growing up in Minnesota, Tim became an avid hockey fan, as well as a huge fan of both the Minnesota Vikings and Twins. 

Gavin started handicapping games and placing bets not long after his 21st birthday(lol), but it was his father, an avid gambler himself, who gave him a passion for sports. Although Gavin has been verbally giving tips and predictions his entire adult life, Betting Midwest is the first site that has given him the opportunity to put those thoughts on paper. Gavin will write his first-ever previews for our own

BMW’s head of content, Erik Neff, relies on “Big Money” as his hockey and Minnesota sports aficionado. Look for him to preview and pick a lot of NHL games, including the Minnesota Wild, as well as many other sports in the northern Midwest. He may be the only staffer that’s crazy enough to bet on MLB baseball daily…and he profits!!

Fun fact about Timothy Gavin; he earned the nickname “Big Money” when he bet a middle school teacher halfway through the 1997-98 NFL season, that the Broncos would win back to back Super Bowls…on a whim!! The teacher took the $100 dollar bet, and actually paid up a season and a half later. From then on teachers and classmates referred to him as Big Money. Follow him on Betting Midwest, and maybe your friends will soon be calling you Big Money too.

Arthur “Sir Bets-a-Lot” Mason

Ok, so in reality, no one calls Arthur Mason, Sir Betsalot, but we here at Betting Midwest are gonna start because, well…the man bets a lot. And every sports nerd deserves a nickname. Mason was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. He is one of the biggest Ohio State fans you could ever meet. While he was in college, he founded and co-founded many sports blogs, as well as excelling in online poker. Now that he has finished school, at the age of 23, Mason is ready to attack the sports betting industry.

When Mason isn’t writing for Betting Midwest, he can be found at the nearest casino at a Blackjack or Texas Hold ‘em table. As a supplement to his profound knowledge of Big Ten football, as well as Cincinnati Reds baseball, maybe we can even talk Mason into writing a few pieces on Hold ‘em if that’s what the Midwestern gamblers want.

Mason will most often focus on Ohio State and Big Ten sports, as well as the Reds and NL Central. That’s not all he can provide though. Mason keeps up on the latest gambling news from all over the Midwest, and there isn’t a sport that he doesn’t enjoy. He is our go-to guy for Cavs basketball and Bengals football as well. He not only will keep you up to date with the latest gambling news but the player and team profiles of some of his favorites. Ohio sports fans and gamblers unite and follow Mason on

Dale “Moxie” Maddox

Dale Maddox is’s lead writer on the NFL, on both the betting and news side. Maddox lives in Gary, Indiana. As his mother was from Indianapolis and his father was from Chicago, he was raised to be a fan of both the Colts and the Bears. Maddox is 28 years old and has lived in northern Indiana his entire life. He is a graduate of Purdue.

When it comes to all things Purdue, Maddox is the go-to guy. When it comes to the NFC North or Colts football, Maddox is the guy. When it comes to the Chicago White Sox and the AL Central, you guessed it, he is our guy. He has a savvy mind and a thing for statistics and numbers, he sees things that other gamblers and the average sports fan may not.

His most prized possession is a Peyton Manning autographed football that his mother bought him. His father, Bears fan extraordinaire, once tried to trade the Manning ball for a Brian Urlacher game-worn jersey, Mamma and Maddox weren’t having it. Maddox has been highly charismatic his entire life, which is how he earned the nickname Moxie, and why he is the lead NFL writer for 

Moxie’s “moxie” translates directly into his writing, previews, and picks. He tends to be hard on the overs, and strong on the favorites, but he picks them and he picks them correctly. Week after week. Follow his NFL and MLB pages and look for his work to pop up throughout other sections of as well.

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