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The all-new BettingMidwest.com  is here to bring you all of the news and action from all of your favorite teams, conferences, and hobbies. As sports betting becomes more prevalent, and legal, nationwide, you’re going to need to stay up to date with all of the latest legislation in your area. We’ve got you covered. With our up to date midwestern betting news, and reviews of sportsbooks and wagering facilities in states where legislation has already been passed, Betting Midwest is a one-stop-shop for the sports bettor in a midwestern state.

Whether you bet on or just watch midwestern sports teams, Betting Midwest is the place for you. Maybe you aren’t even from the midwest, but you often bet on or watch midwestern teams from outside of the area, still, Betting Midwest is the place for you. Outside of our gambling and betting industry news coverage, we have news, previews, picks, predictions, profiles, odds, and basically, all of the action from around the midwest if it is being played on a field. From college teams to pro teams. From football to golf. Betting Midwest has it all.

Sports 2.0 Network

Betting Midwest is part of the newly launched Sports 2.0 network, powered by Knup Solutions. Our friends over at Knup Sports will continue to grow this vast array of sites ranging from sports to betting, to esports to card collecting. The Sports 2.0 network of affiliates will offer it all. Betting Midwest is one of the first sites to launch under the Sports 2.0 network umbrella.

Betting News in the Midwest

Betting Midwest’s team of expert writers will offer you the most up to date news from the sports betting industry from all over the midwest. Our page will include state by state breakdowns of just how close you may be to legal sports betting, or where you can go to place your bets if your state has legal betting. If you live or bet in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois,  Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota, or South Dakota, Betting Midwest has a state-specific page for the latest news in your area.

Currently, betting in the midwest can be more difficult than it should be, but it is getting easier every day. With the guidance of Betting Midwest’s experts, you’ll be placing bets in no time. Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Iowa are currently the only midwestern states that sports betting has been legalized in. That being said, the system is not yet fully operational in Michigan and Illinois. Indiana and Iowa are legal and live, but we will have many more details to come on all four states.

Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and Ohio all have active legislation on sports betting, but it is currently illegal to bet on sports in those states. As legislation gets closer to passing, check our state pages for details. While Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota currently do not have any active legislation, all four have at some point at least looked into legal sports betting at some level. We will continue to monitor those states as well here at Betting Midwest.

Who We Cover

Here at Betting Midwest, not only do we bring the most up to date news, but we also bring you all of your favorite games with all of the midwest’s best sports teams. We will check out the odds, the money line, the total, the spread, as well as the players, teams, and games themselves. Our team of experts will bring you analysis, predictions, and previews from an array of sports and teams. If you root for any team in the above-listed states, we likely have you covered, and that goes for bettors or just the common fan.

NFL Football

Our team will bring you some of the NFL’s hottest action every week of the season. Betting Midwest will focus on the NFC North, a division in which all of its teams hail from the midwest. So whether you’re a Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers, or Chicago Bears fan, you’ll want to check out our coverage. We know here in the midwest there are fans of many other teams, so we will also focus on the Kansas City Chiefs, Indianapolis Colts, Cincinnati Bengals, and Cleveland Browns. And with this team of experts, you never know what other NFL action you might see here on Betting Midwest.

XFL Football

That’s right, the newest addition to our coverage here at BM is XFL football. America’s latest and greatest sports league. Although the league is brand new and only has 8 teams, sports bettors have taken to it quickly. The money lines have seen a lot of action, and the opening spreads are interesting due to the different rules, including 1, 2, and 3 point conversions.

While this is a league that our staff will likely be able to cover most of, due to its size, our focus will be on the greatest football team of all time, the St. Louis Battlehawks. All joking aside, the Battlehawks is not only the only XFL team currently in the midwest but also the most popular team in the country so far. Keep up with the latest Battlehawks analysis, picks, and news right here. Kakaw!

Big Ten and MAC

While Betting Midwest will bring you coverage from an extremely wide array of NCAA Basketball and Football conferences, we understand that the midwestern bettors and fans love their Big Ten and MAC conference, teams. While we will focus on many teams in both conferences, we will often focus on teams getting a lot of action, but if we haven’t covered your favorite team yet, hang in there, we will.

In the Big Ten; Michigan State, Ohio State, Illinois, Indiana, Purdue, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, and all of the other headliners will likely get a lot of love from the BM staff. In the MAC; Ball State, Central, Eastern, and Western Michigan, Miami(OH), Northern Illinois, and Akron will all get a little spotlight from our predictors. A focus will be made on teams within legal betting states for obvious reasons, but as previously stated, Betting Midwest will cast as wide a net as possible across all of the midwest, in an attempt to cover as many teams as humanly possible.

NBA Basketball

BM’s experts will bring you the latest and greatest NBA action. During the season, new picks and previews will be added daily with a focus on the NBA’s Eastern Conference, primarily, the Central division. Our focus will be the Bucks, Pacers, Bulls, Pistons, and Cavaliers, with the occasional Timberwolves, Grizzlies, and Thunder preview as well. We know that Oklahoma and Tennessee aren’t in the midwest, but midwestern bettors care about them, so we do too. And obviously, we can’t fault Minnesota, the midwest’s other NBA team, for being in a different conference and division than every other midwestern team.

Major League Baseball

While betting on baseball isn’t as prevalent in parts of the country, if you are betting in the midwest, it is a must. Betting on baseball is an art, and our experts are Bob Ross, ready to guide your every brush stroke. Our writers and experts will be focusing their coverage on the NL and AL Central, the only team that lies outside the midwest is the Pirates, and they’re close enough for us. This is once again when I tell you that Betting Midwest will have action from outside these divisions as well. The Cardinals and Cubs will garner much attention in the NL, while the White Sox and Twins will in the AL. Catch all of the MLB Central action with us.

National Hockey League

In the NHL, the midwest packs some heat. Midwestern teams have won 4 of the last 10 Stanley Cups. Betting Midwest is here to bring you picks, previews, and predictions of the midwest’s hottest NHL teams; the Blues, Blackhawks, Wild, and Red Wings. So whether you are a fan of, or betting on one of these teams, check our page first. As a rival of both the Blues and Blackhawks, some coverage of the Predators and Avalanche can also be found at BettingMidwest.com, you won’t want to miss it.

All Of This, and So Much More

So that is us here at BettingMidwest.com, we are all of that, and so much more. Our goal is to provide you with all of the information you need if you are watching sports or sports betting in the midwest. We pride ourselves on bringing you the knowledge that we have and then guiding you through using that knowledge. Maybe to make some money, maybe just for fun, either way, while you are here, take a look around. We appreciate you stopping by. The one thing we would like to say to all of you is good luck, so at the end of each of our pieces, we will leave you with the Latin version, Benedixium. Good luck.