December 2020

bob diaco

What’s Wrong with Bob Diaco?

Bob Diaco was one of the best assistants in the country before he was offered the head coaching job at UConn. Diaco began his career at Iowa as a graduate assistant and then worked his way up from mid major assistant coaching stints to the defensive coordinator position at Notre Dame.

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Illinois vs Rutgers Preview

Illinois vs Rutgers Preview and Pick – Does Anyone Hate Rutgers?

Usually, when I write an Illinois vs (insert opponent here) preview, I have some sort of animosity towards the opposing team, because they’re either a rival or a program that I definitely hate and am totally not jealous of at all. Here’s my Illinois vs Rutgers preview, this time it’s a little different. It’s SO HARD to hate Rutgers.

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indiana pacers season preview

Indiana Pacers Season Preview

It’s that time of the year again folks, and with less than a week until the 20-21 NBA season starts, let’s take a dive into the Indiana Pacers’ upcoming season in Betting Midwest’s NBA season preview.

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